CDT Foundation NPC (CDTF) is an ecumenical loan fund providing loans at a low interest rate to Christian Churches and Organisations for property transactions.. Formerly known as Christian Development Trust (CDT) which was established in 1979.

In 1999 the Foundation was registered as a Section 21 Company and took over the functions of CDT. Over the past 30 years we have assisted many churches with loans to build or complete their churches.

About Us

CD Trust has been effectively planting churches and ecumenical facilities for over threee decades. With a proven ability to evaluate, fund and manage projects.

Vision and Purpose

Our vision and purpose is to plant impactful community facilties to make a posiotve contribution to ECD, ED, Youth dev.

This is done by using our balance and lending skill and our networks


As part of good governance we keep all record and statements, avalable to be reviewed at any time. Chairman’s reports of all financial records as well as annual reports.

For over 30 years CDT Foundation which was formerly known as Christian Development Trust has provided assistance for churches and various Christian institutions and organisations with building and accumilating funds for property. Even though property prices have been on the raise, we still aim to provide necessary help where we can

With unemployment over 40% and youth unemployment estimated at 60%, there is no doubt that there is an employment crisis in SA. The solutions to this crisis requires a multifacted approach but starts with a decision to make a positive contribution and take the first step

We work with numerous foundations and church groups to bring about change and assistance.  in our list of churches we list directors of each organisation by their nominee or representative as a director on our board. 

How to apply

How to apply for a loan or financial assistance from CDTrust