CDT Foundation is an ecumenical loan fund

CDT Foundation NPC (CDTF) is an ecumenical loan fund providing loans at a low interest rate to Christian Churches and Organisations for property transactions.. Formerly known as Christian Development Trust (CDT) which was established in 1979.

In 1999 the Foundation was registered as a Section 21 Company and took over the functions of CDT. Over the past 30 years we have assisted many churches with loans to build or complete their churches.

Click here for information regarding Criteria for Providing Loans

Our member churches listed below are represented by their nominee as a director on our board :

  • African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church 15th District

  • African Methodist Episcopal Church 19th District
  • Anglican Church of  Southern Africa
  • Dutch Reformed Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (Cape Church)

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (N-T)
  • Moravian Church in South Africa
  • The Methodist Church of Southern  Africa
  • The Salvation Army
  • The South African Council of Churches
  • United Congregational Church of Southern Africa
  • The Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
  • United Reformed Church in South Africa
  • Volkskerk van Afrika

Our board has four statutory meetings per year in February (AGM), May, July and October.